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College Showcase Rules


2015 Central PA Girls College Showcase

Pets, with the exception of service animals, and the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not permitted on the Red Land Soccer Complex. This includes the parking areas.

Parking passes are required for entry into the Red Land Soccer Complex. Each team will be allotted a limited number of parking passes for their dissemination and use.

All games will be officiated in accordance with FIFA Rules except as modified below. 

1)   Games are 50 minutes in length. Each half is 25 minutes in length with a two minute half time.  

2)   Player substitutions are allowed for both teams on a throw in.

3)   A team may roster up to 22 players; however, only 18 players may participate in a game.

4)   There is no guest player limit.

5)     No player may be rostered or play on more than one team for the duration of the tournament.

Team registration at the Red Land Soccer Complex Clubhouse must occur before the team’s first game. Player passes and medical releases must be presented and are required for all participating players, including guest players. A copy of the team’s official roster is required.

Players may only be registered and play for one team during the showcase…no exceptions.

A player who receives a red card is barred from that game and may not play in the next game. A coach who is removed by a referee is barred from that game and may not coach in the next game. No protest of a red or yellow card will be accepted by the showcase and its officials. In accordance with our approval to host the showcase, yellow and red card violations will be reported to the home state association and league for whatever further action, if any, that they deem appropriate.

Teams listed first are the home team and have jersey color choice.

Game results will not be maintained or reported. This is a college showcase so there are no standings or championship games.

Refund Policy: If the showcase is canceled before it commences, a partial refund will be made to teams once all showcase expenses have been paid. Once the showcase commences, there will be no refund if the showcase is canceled before completion.