Message 09/18

Hi Fusion Soccer Parents!

My name is Nancy Zimmerman and I will be doing photos this year.  I wanted to give you a little information about my ordering system, it is a website run by PhotoDay.  So, the emails and communication confirming orders etc. will come from them just to help with any email confusion that may occur.

I will be offering a free Social Media download to anyone who places an order within the first 48 hours after the photos have been posted to the gallery.  To help with that I am breaking the galleries up by day.  Once I have a full evening of photos edited I will post them all together.  Each package will have a Social Media download added to it for 48 hours.  For a package that already came with a Social Media download, you now get two.

So, currently all galleries are in an Advance Pay mode.  That means you can

  1. Subscribe - this will send you a text message letting you know that your gallery has been posted.  
  2. Look at the packages and the pricing  3. purchase a credit toward your order.  I have attached two screenshots that show how these options look within the app.

Once I start posting photos to the galleries I will send out another email with instructions for ordering photos.  But for now I wanted to make sure that everyone has their information for their galleries. 

Everyone will use the same link:  galleries dot photoday dot io I know it seems strange but if you put a .com behind it it will not work. So it is: 

Your passcodes will be FS followed by your photoday date as follows:

  • FS919
  • FS920
  • FS921
  • FS926
  • FS927 
  • FS929
  • FS103
  • FS104

So, say you are on McKay's team and you are getting your photos taken on Tuesday 9/20 you will go to and when it asks you for your gallery code you will type in FS920.  (IF we have rain days - these will not change.  You will still use the original date since the gallery is set up ahead of time)

***Parents who have multiple players getting photographed on different nights.  I want to help you in any way I can - so if you send me an email and let me know what team your kids are on I will create a gallery for you. That will save you on shipping costs - unfortunately unless they are in the same gallery you can not order them together.  **

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out - my email is  

Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to hanging out with Fusion Soccer for the next three weeks!!