Ordering Information

Hi Fusion Parents! 


I just posted the first evening's photos and wanted to stop back and give some ordering tips.  


1. Once you enter your passcode you will come to a screen asking you how you would like to search for your photos.  I recommend using tags and I am attaching an image of what that screen will look like.  When you click on your last name all your kids photos will appear.  (I apologize, in order to keep families together..... some will get another child with the same last name from time to time.) 


2. Click on the heart to mark your favorite photos. (this will also remove the kid that isn't yours if you got one)


3. Click on the shopping bag to make a purchase.  


4. Now you are back at the screen with the options to purchase, but now you can actually purchase packages and items.  


5. Make your selection - I'm going to choose the Perfect Package. 


6. Next you will see all the items in the package for you to order plus an image.  Please note under the photo is an option to change the photo.  IF you selected more than one favorite image you can scroll through them and change the image. 


7. Select an image, crop and confirm each of your items and when you are finished click add to cart. 


8. View Cart and check out! 


**Remember - for the first 48 hours after posting each package gets a social sharing download or two if the package already came with one.



Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  I will be continuing to edit and post each full day as I complete them.

Thanks again!!!

Nancy Zimmerman