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CPYSL Silent Weekend - Oct 15th & 16th

By Fusion FC, 10/06/22, 8:15PM EDT


Club Presidents, Coaches, Fans, Players:

CPYSL is announcing that the weekend of October 15 & 16 we will follow our tradition of observing a “Silent Weekend”. We ask that all clubs help us return the game to the players for this weekend, allowing them to use the skills your coaches have instilled into their minds and allow them to participate while playing to the best of their abilities.

"Silent Weekend's" main purpose is to just let the kids play and have fun without having to worry about how their performance is affecting the adults on the sidelines. "Silent Weekend" is a throwback to the old schoolyard days when kids would congregate after school and on weekends just to play the sport all day without regard to who was winning and repercussions for poor play and decision-making. Coaches are requested to communicate and reinforce this with spectators!

The objectives of holding a "Silent Weekend" are:
   1) To emphasize that the game is about letting the kids play and have fun
   2) To give the players a chance to play totally on their own
   3) To help the few parents and coaches who feel they must provide constant direction understand how disruptive it is
   4) To show all parents that the kids can play well on their own with limited instruction

While most adult verbal participation is intended to be positive and constructive, the fact of the matter is that games can (and have in the past) become so loud that the players often have difficulty hearing each other on the field. Taking one week off from any verbal interference may help adults gain perspective on just how loud they've been in the past. You will all be amazed at how quiet the field will become, and the communication that teammates suddenly develop.

We request that you make no verbal comments about the game or direct any comments to the players, coaches, or referees on or off the field. Clapping IS allowed! Spectators are to be quiet, talking in a normal tone to the person next to them. What is to be avoided are comments that can be heard by players, referees or opponents. Applause is permitted and encouraged. Be creative in how you choose to cheer your child's team - make signs to hold up or bring a rally towel in the team's color and wave it wildly. There are lots of ways to cheer other than verbally. But please no noise makers and especially no whistles. Often field permits for these fields surrounded by neighborhoods will not support artificial noise makers. Especially no compressed air horns.

It is recommended that you do not provide any direction - verbal or non-verbal - to players who are on the field. You may speak quietly to any players on the bench and have a conversational discussion about the game with the players before and after the game, and during halftime. If absolutely required, rarely and quietly call a player on the field to the touchline to provide tactical instruction while the game is in play, just like you can do during a normal game. Then let the player convey the message to his team. CPYSL has moved Silent Weekend to a later date in the season so you can see how well your coaching techniques have worked.

You are encouraged to speak to each other on the field as normal. You are free to support each other and provide direction to each other. Substitute players on the bench must be quiet as well and not cheer or provide tactical instruction to their teammates. Lest they simply replace the coach or act on his behest.

For this special day, referees will be asked to monitor the spectators and coaches adherence to these guidelines and to offer reminders if the recommendations are not being followed, including stopping the game if necessary. Continue to verbalize often during the game as you normally would and do not to be concerned about the fact they can now hear you off the field as well. You are there to help the players have a safe, fair and fun time. Let's always encourage and support our players while they are learning and playing the game, but for this one Weekend, let’s take the opportunity to ‘hear’ our children.

James A Conners III
President CPYSL