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Fusion F.C. Spring Photos

By Fusion Admin, 05/05/23, 11:45PM EDT


Fusion F.C. is happy to welcome back Nancy Zimmerman from Zimpics Photography back for our Spring photos. 

All Recreation teams and players should plan on having their photos taken, just like last year no physical forms are needed ahead of time. Once photos have been taken, they will be posted online for you to view and complete orders at that time. Here is some information provided by Nancy:


My name is Nancy Zimmerman and I will be doing spring Fusion photos.  I wanted to give you a little information about my ordering system, it is a website run by PhotoDay.  So, the emails and communication confirming orders etc. will come from them just to help with any email confusion that may occur.

Once I start posting photos to the galleries I will send out another email with instructions for ordering photos.  But for now I wanted to make sure that everyone has their information for their gallery. 

Everyone will use the same link:  galleries dot photoday dot io I know it seems strange but if you put a .com behind it it will not work. So it is: 

Your passcode will be FUSIONSP

The players will be tagged by the coach name.  So, when you log in you will need to look at the tagged photos and choose the coach.  This way if you have two players on different teams, even if they are on different days, once their photos are posted, you can order them together. I will start editing and posting photos as the teams have been completed.  I will put the gallery in advance pay mode, however, if you do subscribe and your photos are the 22nd, you will get text notifications all week that your photos have been posted.  You can opt in at any time, so if your photos are later in the week, you may want to choose to wait until that day.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out - my email is  

Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to hanging out with Fusion Soccer again!!

View Photos When Ready

Hi Fusion families!  I have finished editing Monday's photos and uploaded them to your gallery.  I wanted to take a minute to give you some tips for ordering.

Once you log in:

Passcode. FUSIONSP

You will see this screen after you have entered your passcode.  


Click on tags and it will take you to a list of player's last names.  (If you don't see your players last name, look for the head coach's last name.). This will also allow you to view all of the sibling photos together.....but also include any other players with the same last name.  

You will be taken to a screen of all the photos that they are tagged in and should include their team photo. 


Choose the photos you want to order by clicking the heart and then click on the bag.

Choose your package or Ala Carte item that you want to purchase. 


If you choose one or more photos you will be able to toggle between photos and crop your photos from the next screen.  Make sure to check each image that it is cropped correctly. 


Once you have confirmed all of your photos you should be able to go to your cart and check out.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me.



Nancy Zimmerman