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Spring 2024 Recreation Photos

By Admin, 05/12/24, 5:00PM EDT


Photo Information

Spring 2024 Recreation Photo Schedule

Session have been scheduled for Spring 2024 Team and Individual photos for our Recreation teams. 

We know that many participated in the Fall session; however, all recreation teams are asked to also attend the Spring sessions. This is asked due to new players added for Spring and those that may have missed Fall photos. 

Photos will take place on the corner of Field 4, see Complex Map to confirm location.

Information from Photographer

Hi Fusion Parents,

I just wanted to pop in and give you a few details about ordering your player's photos online.  


If you have ordered photos from me before, when you log into it will bring up a page that shows all your previous galleries.

Go to the top right hand corner and click ADD GALLERY and there you can add FUSIONS24 and do an advance pay.


If you have not ordered from me before, all you will need to do is open and enter your phone number - I believe they just added an email option as well.  This will be your link to your account.  As long as you use the same phone number/email it will keep all your information together. Enter the code FUSIONS24  to see your photos (once they are edited and posted).


Advance Pay - if you purchase an order of $32 or greater (before tax) with an Advance Pay credit you will receive free shipping - generally running around $4.  I do this because

having the photos shipped to you eliminates order deadlines - but I hate that you have to pay for the shipping. 

**This year I will start publishing photos on Thursday May 16th - which means that the Advance Pay will go away that day.  It also means that you will receive notices that photos are posted even if your player hasn't been photographed yet.  But, posting all the teams in one gallery allows parents of multiple players to purchase multiple players in one order.  


If you are not purchasing a credit, but want to get signed in, you will be notified by text when I have the photos edited and posted for you to view.  I do not do spam text messages, but I believe that they

do text you reminders until you place an order.  You can respond STOP to opt out of those text messages. 


Players will be posted by last name.  Once you log in, you can select to view images by tag, find the last name and click filter.    Once you decide which photos you would like to purchase, click on the heart in the top right corner of the photo and then shop.  Just a reminder that if you are ordering a package you can select multiple poses for each item you order.  If you want to purchase the team photo make sure you click on that heart as well. Otherwise it will not show up in your cart. 

If any confusion happens on my end with a team - I will add the coaches last name to the tag as well.  So, if you don't see your player check the coaches tag.  Hopefully this won't happen :)


When the photos are posted and you are placing your order.

 Please be sure to check the crop of every image size.  If the lab accidentally crops the top of your players head off in the photo

they will replace it free of charge.  However, I have a hard time getting an order replaced if it was cropped that way during the order. 


If you have any other questions please feel free to email me:  I may not respond over the weekends - but I will be sure to get back to you on Monday morning.