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Travel vs Recreation Soccer

Travel vs Recreation Frequently Asked Questions

Fusion F.C. understands that parents may be hesitant to move their child from Recreation to Travel. We hope that this page will clear up some common misconceptions.


I know that we as parents never want our children to feel 'less than' anyone else, but that is not really the goal of the tryout process. The intent of tryouts is to group players of similar skill level/ capabilities together.  Having a team of players with similar skill levels allows the coaches/trainers to focus on improving skills of the team overall and to help them grow as one. This also means that the team will most likely be placed in a division that allows them to compete with other teams that align with this same skill level. 

Some skills considered during the tryout process are:

  • Passing
  • Receiving 
  • Shooting
  • Speed 
  • Aggressiveness 
  • Decision Making
  • Offensive/Defensive Skills

Common Misconception

The most common phrases I hear from parents with kids in that age where transition to Travel is possible is that they do not think their child is good enough. 

As a parent, please never think that your child MUST be the best player on their Recreation team to be considered on a Travel team. Travel teams have the ability to compete in a range of divisions. 


Additional Questions/Still Have Reservations About the Move?

If you have a question that was not addressed on this page or have any reservations about moving your child, please reach out to a member of the Fusion Team to talk through it more. 

Our Recreation Director, VP of Girls Travel, VP of Boys Travel or any board member are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.