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Fusion FC Recreational Program

Fusion FC offers a recreational program for kids ages 4-14 to acquire basic soccer skills in a fun learning environment.  Our focus is on developing a love for the game and learning skills, not simply on winning.

Fall/Spring registration costs cover both the fall and spring seasons and also include a full uniform and ball for each player.  Once the Fall season has concluded, we open up a Spring-only registration session for players who did not play in the fall and wish to be added for only the spring season.  The fall game season generally runs from early September through early November, and the spring season extends from late March/early April through late May/early June.  Practices begin approximately two weeks prior to the game season start.

Our age groups are typically U5/U6 co-ed, U7/U8 boys, U7/U8 girls, U9/U10 co-ed, U11/U12 co-ed and U13/U15 co-ed.  Players must play in their true age group, unless a special circumstance warrants participating in an older age group.  Age groups are set by US Youth Soccer, and players may not "play down" to a younger age group.

All U5 and U6 players practice at minimum, once a week for one hour.  Older players practice at minimum, once a week for one and a half hours.  All practices are held at Fusion’s Red Land Soccer Complex located on Old Quaker Road in Etters.  All teams play a game against another Fusion recreation team on Saturday mornings at the same location.  Each individual age group practices and plays games at the same time each week.

We are always looking for volunteers, as our program is run solely by dedicated volunteers.  Please consider volunteering.  We value our volunteers, as they help to create a better experience for the children!



If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our Recreation program, please contact our Club Administrator.

Fusion Administrator