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Age Matrix/Eligibility


‚Äč2010-2020 birth years

2006-2017 birth years*

Travel players must attend tryouts.  If your child did not attend tryouts, please contact us to inquire about slot availability prior to registering.

*2018 birth year players are eligible to try out for a Play-up Travel team - U8 age team playing U9 travel soccer in 2025.  

**The age difference for players participating on a team in CPYSL shall not be greater than two (2) years for players whose true age of eligibility is for U14 Divisions & under, and three (3) years for players whose true age of eligibility is U15 or older. Any player requesting to play up in age more than two (2) years at the U14 & below ages or three (3) years at the U15 & older age groups will require Fusion FC to petition the respective CPYSL VP for acceptance at the requested level.  

CPYSL Playing Up Rules & Consent Form

***It is now a requirement for all athletes 18 and over to complete "Safesport training for adult athletes" each seasonal year. The training is free for our members. The free access code can be obtained either in the GotSport requirements section of the athlete's profile or by emailing


Ages 2 to 5

Age groups are determined by US Soccer & EPYSA, and are for an entire soccer season, which begins in Fall, and ends after Spring. Eligibility is determined by your child's age during the soccer season. Fusion FC may offer various adult aged programs.  Fusion may not have offerings for every age group on the chart. 

2024-2025 Soccer Year Age Groups

Born Age Group Program Eligibility
2006 U19 Travel Only
2007 U18 Travel Only
2008 U17 Travel Only
2009 U16 Travel Only
2010 U15 Travel & Recreation
2011 U14 Travel & Recreation
2012 U13 Travel & Recreation
2013 U12 Travel & Recreation
2014 U11 Travel & Recreation
2015 U10 Travel & Recreation
2016 U9 Travel & Recreation
2017 U8 Travel & Recreation
2018 U7 Recreation Only (Travel in 2024)
2019 U6 Recreation Only
2020 U5 Recreation & Soccer Shots
2021 U4 Soccer Shots Only
2022 U3 Soccer Shots Only